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Tropical Bungalow Circa 1992

It all began about 30 years ago with this crazy kid named Tommy. Inspired by the warm sun and sandy beaches he found a way to bring the islands back to Western PA through a drink called a "Smoothie". Now, you're probably thinking, we all know what a smoothie is what's so special about Tropical Bungalow? Well, 30 years ago smoothies didn't exist around here. That crazy kid Tommy had to explain to every single person the concept of mixing fresh fruit combinations with ice to make a delicious beverage. Once people got the concept down they couldn't get enough. Ask your parents, if they're from the area they've had a Tropical Bungalow smoothie at least once. 

Life caused Tommy to go down a different path and leave his smoothie empire behind. Now, almost 30 years later his two daughters, Syd and Court are bringing Tropical Bungalow back for the next generation. Come experience "a taste from the islands" you won't regret it. Oh & we added fresh never frozen steakburgers because why be hangry when you're trying to enjoy a good smoothie?!

Tropical Fruits

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